Free Money Search Checklist

Checklist for helping patrons searching for free money:

1) Have you rounded up websites and printouts from reputable resources that refute “free money” inaccuracies?

2) Have you checked out possible sources of funding for your patrons, such as:

--state and local government housing authorities.

--nonprofit organizations dedicated to developing housing and business opportunities in
particular neighborhoods in your city.

--state and local governmental offices offering health insurance for people who fall
“between the cracks,” that is, ineligible under Medicare and Medicaid, children with
special medical needs, etc.

--state and local government offices that offer loans and other aid to business.

--community action agencies that offer things like WIC, home insulation, business loans,

--agencies that offer individual development accounts.

--programs for the aged.

3) Have you checked the Foundation Center's User's Aids to find print and online sources of money for various grant seekers?

4) Do you have useful sites for individuals grant seekers bookmarked?

5) Are you searching for new, useful information, and checking to see if your current information is still true? While we know that there aren't many sources of truly free money, keep yourself open to surprise. Sometimes, sources of funding really do pop up.

6) Have you shared what you know about free money with other staff members so that they are prepared to deal with patrons?